Build dll for Unity3d using Visual studio for mac

Hi all,

I want to build a .dll that have my custom debug logger.
I followed this link:

After I successfully add UnityEngine.dll into my project, it will show something like ‘It can’t find Debug under UnityEngine namespace’.

Add reference:

The Error:

Did I miss any instructions?
I’m using
Visual Studio for mac 8.0.9 and
Unity 2018.4.0f1

Are you sure you added the correct UnityEngine.dll reference? It’s the one in the “Editor/Data/Managed” subfolder, not the one in the “Editor/Data/Managed/ UnityEngine” subfolder as this seems to be a modularized version of the whole dll which you can directly tell from the size difference.

I don’t have the latest Unity version so maybe the location has changed (which i doubt, though).