Build does not export files

Hi I have a small demo I need to turn in in an hour. I am trying to publish my scene to be played in the unity web player but the program will not export any files. It doesn’t matter if I choose “Web Player” or “PC and Mac Standalone” when I choose the directory and click build I get a dialog box that pops up for about 2 seconds and disappears. When I check no files were created.

I need to get this thing on the web pronto. What am I doing wrong? All the documentation that talks about publishing your scenes say things like “yep, it’s that simple.” Really?? You can see what I’m doing here.

Now that is a good question. Yes, I just noticed it in the status bar of the program: [5115-unity+error.jpg|5115]

Yeah. Can’t read that. It said "Assets/Standard Assets/Character Controllers/Sources/Scripts/ThirdPersonController.js(193,54): UCW0003: WARNING: Bitwise operation “|” on boolean values won’t shortcut. Did you mean “||”?

I tried deleting the file out of the project since I’m not using the 3rd person controller. It gave me another error about another related file which I also deleted. Now all I get is a message in red text this time saying “Eror building player because scripts had compiler errors.”

So I said “screw it” and created a movie of the project and will upload that instead.

Sue Blackman of training covered this issue in her introductory movie “Organizing your project.”

You double-click on the status bar to bring up the console. Again, double-click on the error message listed there to bring up the script editor. It’s a really nice editor - it will place the cursor on the line that has an error - in this case, line 193. I don’t know if Unity provides clues for all errors, but in this case it suggests an extra pipe (“|”) next to the one already on that line. Put one there, save the script using the floppy disk icon on the toolbar, and close the script editor. The message goes away and you can then close the console.