Build Erro with Laser Pointer

Hello, I’ve created a laser system to select objects, the laser script creates the line renderer component, too configure it, and create and applie one new material. When debugging in own unity everything works correctly but after compiling (build) the project the component is created but without properties and without material. Can you guide me how to solve this problem ?. Attached reference print screen.

LineRenderer lineRenderer = gameObject.AddComponent();
lineRenderer.material = new Material(Shader.Find(“Particles/Priority Additive (Soft)”));
lineRenderer.startColor = CorLaser;
lineRenderer.endColor = CorLaser;
lineRenderer.startWidth = LarguraInicial;
lineRenderer.endWidth = LarguraFinal;
lineRenderer.positionCount = 2;

    lineRenderer.enabled = !condicao;
    LuzColisao.GetComponent<Light>().enabled = !condicao;

Sorry! already discovered the problem is in the “Particles / Priority Additive (Soft)” shader. In unity works correctly but after builded, for some reason, can not create the material with this shader, I created “Particles / Priority Additive” and it worked correctly.