Build Error (Something about Editor Objects)

So I'm getting weird build errors when I build a Windows Standalone player:

Internal Error: Including Editor Object in Asset Bundle DefaultAsset [path/to/my.scene]

Repeat over for all my scenes. Then this one at the end:

Error building Player: Couldn't build player because of unsupported data on target platform

Here is any relevant information I can think of:

  • I used the "CreatePlane" script on the Wiki to create a 1x1 plane that I use for a lot of my objects. It was in the Editor folder, but I moved it to a "Meshes" folder.
  • The game plays perfectly fine in the editor.
  • My editor folder is empty.
  • The Unity project folder was inside Dropbox, but I copied it out, and re-imported the assets. Still no luck.

If you tell me I can't use the meshes that the CreatePlane script created, I'm not going to be happy... I've got over 40 scenes and hundreds of objects that use these planes, and replacing them would be a very, very tedious task.


I duplicated my project folder and went hunting. It eventually came down to this: I removed EVERYTHING from my Assets folder except my `Scenes/` folder, and was still getting these same errors. I took one of my scenes, and cleared it out, except for the default Main Camera. I then re-built, and this error still came up for that scene.

This leads me to believe there has been a misconfiguration with Unity's project settings somewhere, but I don't know where to begin looking since the error is so arbitrary.

This does completely rule out any of my assets, as well as any of my game objects in my scenes, however, which is a start.

Turns out I can't have a `UnityEngine.Object` reference in my script that I fill in with the Inspector, which is complete BS. I'll have to go edit my other answer about that question stating that it's not possible. I removed all references to `UnityEngine.Object` and rewrote my LevelManager script (hastily), but everything builds fine now.

If anyone at UT is reading this, this may be a Unity bug, so it might be pertinent to take the appropriate actions. If this was intended behavior, then types of `UnityEngine.Object` should not appear in the Inspector as editable variables.