Build error: The type or namespace name 'UnityEditor' could not be found.


It was my first attempt to build my game after updating to Unity 4.3, and this is what I got in the console after clicking ‘Build’:


The error is referencing to the highlighted line of the script on the right. I am unsure what to do, as the line is clearly correct, and it compiles fine, until I try to build the game.

It is an editor script, and it is only there to allow me to quickly clear all PlayerPrefs data. I do not need the script during runtime. Is there a way to exclude it from the build? If so, could that make the error disappear? Or could I deal with this error some other way?

Thanks in advance!

The UnityEditor namespace is not available in builds.

The easy solution is to put the script in a folder named Editor. Anything inside of folders named Editor is not included in builds. Since the entire script can be excluded you should do this.

Side note: When you want to exclude only part of a script you can enclose it in compiler flags.

// Runtime code here
    // Editor specific code here
// Runtime code here

Side note 2: Your ClearPlayerPrefs class should inherit from ScriptableObject since it shouldn’t be attached to objects.

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