Build Error.

Recently installed a fresh new copy of windows 8.1 enterprise onto my PC. I redownloaded Unity 4.5, and I just transferred the Android SDK from my old windows folder to my new one. I also downloaded the Java JDK.

But, now I’m getting this error every time I try to build my game:

Error building Player: Win32Exception: ApplicationName=‘C:/Users/-Dragon/Desktop/Andrord SDK ools\aapt.exe’, CommandLine=‘package --auto-add-overlay -v -f -m -J gen -M AndroidManifest.xml -S “res” -I “C:/Users/-Dragon/Desktop/Andrord SDK/platforms/android-19\android.jar” -F bin/resources.ap_’, CurrentDirectory=‘Temp/StagingArea’

Nevermind, I just fixed the problem. I needed a new Keystore. :slight_smile: