Build for android: everything is black except UI, works on other phone

I just tried my game on my Nexus 5 phone and everything is black/invisible except for the UI. I build the game for my Samsung Galaxy S2 and everything works. Is this a known issue? Does somebody have a suggestion what might cause this?

Of course I find the answer the moment I post the question (but not in the 2 hours before that ^^).
In “Player Settings” → “Resolution and Presentation” I ticked the checkbox “Use 32-bit Display Buffer” and it works.

Let me elaborate on this issue: I used a “Camera Motion Blur” script in my game (the one provided in the Unity Standard Assets), which absolutely destroyed my framerate (at least on the nexus 5, I assume the motion blur feature wasn’t supported on my samsung galaxy s2?). After removing the motion blur script, the framerate was fine and I tried to deactivate the “Use 32-bit Display Buffer”, which also worked at this point.