Build for Android only has max target API 28?

I’m building an android app. Previously, I had minimum version 8.0 (API level 26 or so) and target platform highest installed. This works fine on my device when I attach it via cable, but now that I want to upload the app to the play store, it doesn’t work anymore.

The play store apparently requires a minimum API level of 29. However, this option doesn’t appear within my player settings drop down. It goes up and until 28 and also has an option “Highest installed”. I use the SDK tools via Unity hub so I don’t know if I can update those.

I’m running Unity 2019.1.7f1 and I really don’t want to upgrade this, since I’m also dependend on a ton of other packages and colleagues who run this version. Any method with which I can build for the SDK platform level 29? I can’t imagine this isn’t possible with my current setup and I’m working towards a deadline. Let’s hope it’s an easy fix…

Yes one way is to download Android SDK manager and download the API you want and then go to

unity → preferences and manually
select the SDK folder where you
downloaded the latest one right now.

Easy way to download SDK is following this video

Or you can download android studio and then use it’s SDK manager

Or you can use CMD for it too.

I hope this helps!