Build from version 2020.2.0a21 completely broken


The builds of our game produced since version 2020.2.0a21 do not work anymore.

When launching the exe file, this error is logged:
The file 'C:/Build/Game_Data/globalgamemanagers.assets' is corrupted! Remove it and launch unity again!

I completely erased any temp folders (Library, etc.), went back in editor versions and git commits until I found out that the switch from 2020.2.0a19 to 2020.2.0a21 broke our build.

How can we move to solve this issue?

Unfortunately I cannot prepare a small reproducible case, is there any kind of log or feature we can try to address this issue?

Thank you

Hi @b4gn0 ,

There is a bug in the serialization system in a21 that causes this. That has been fixed in b1. Please upgrade to a recent version of 2020.2, that should resolve the issue.

Unfortunately neither b1 nor b2 work.

I have attached the "globalgamemanagers.assets" file for both a19 (working) and b1 (not working).

Both versions have been done on the same source files, although I had to build the addressables local build for both editions so maybe some guids will change.

Let me know if you need anything else that can help. (202 KB) (202 KB)

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My apologies, this is a separate issue to the one that I referenced earlier. I talked with the devs and it seems that this will be fixed in b3 (coming later this week).

That's awesome!

By any chance, do you know if anything related to model import / animation rigging is getting worked on?
I submitted this in the animation preview subforum, let me know if I need to repost it here:

It's related to the a19 -> a21 (also b1 and b2) upgrade that broke the animations for rigged humanoid for us.

Thank you!

The devs are aware of the thread. We also received a bug report about this today and are looking into it. Did you or someone from your team submit that by any chance? Please add bug report IDs to threads when you discuss bugs on the forum. That makes it easier to find the relevant information.

I just checked and one of my colleagues did send a bug report!
Case number 1277641, sorry for the double submission.

Thank you for telling us the devs are looking into it!


@LeonhardP this issue is present again in 2020.2.f1, see this thread:
[DOTS] How to fix: "Globalgamemanagers.assets is corrupted" in standalone build - Unity Forum

It should be fixed in 2020.2.2f1