Build game changes Controller Bindings....Wat up?

Hi all.

So i made a scene with a CAD model and few object.
Using a guide from YouTube i changed the controller bindings and it works great.
In fact, all i good when i PLAY the game/scene.

When i Build the game, then the controllers revert to default.
The same thing with another scene i have made.

What is that about? :face_with_spiral_eyes:

I found the solution, in case someone else have the same problem :)

  • Unitiy Editor -> Window -> Steam VR Input -> "Open Binding UI" opens the "Developer Binding for Vive Controller ..." (as you already did)

  • Do your settings

  • Press: "Replace dafault binding": this replaces the according .json files (bindings_vive_controller.json*) in your unity game development storage location

  • Build your game exe

  • The bindings are now correctly exported to your game exe location and are saved in bindings_vive_controller.json

  • start your game exe -> the controller should work properly now