Build have no custom Assets


I tried to build my project and when I run .exe file, seems that scene has no my custom assets(models and so on). If I run my project from editor it looks fine.


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Hmm, maybe I need to tag them. I have class:

class gGrass

    var grass_01: GameObject;
    var grass_02: GameObject;
    var grass_03: GameObject;
    var grass_04: GameObject;
    static var gPath: String;
    var gMaterial: Material;

    function gGrass(){
        gPath = "Assets/sAssets/Grass/";
        //gMaterial = Resources.Load("mGrass01");

    function getGRass01(){

        grass_01 = Resources.LoadAssetAtPath(gPath + "grass01/grass01.FBX", GameObject);
        grass_01.transform.localScale = Vector3(0.3,0.3,0.3);
        //grass_01.renderer.material = gMaterial;
        return grass_01;


And I have this code to place grass models on terrain:

var tHight;
var grass: gGrass;

var x_flag: int;
var z_flag: int;
var x_pos;
var x_neg;

function getTerr(){
return Terrain.activeTerrain;

function Start(){

x_pos = transform.position.x + (transform.localScale.x/2);
x_neg = transform.position.x - (transform.localScale.x/2);
z_pos = transform.position.z + (transform.localScale.z/2);
z_neg = transform.position.z - (transform.localScale.z/2);

    for (x = x_neg; x < x_pos; x = x+10) {
        for (z = z_neg; z < z_pos; z = z+10) {
        tHight = Terrain.activeTerrain.SampleHeight(Vector3(x,0,z ));
        if (tHight>5 && tHight<60){
        if(x_flag==0){if(z_flag==0 | z_flag==6){Instantiate (grass.getGRass01(), Vector3(x,tHight,z ), Quaternion.Euler(270, z_flag*25, 0));}}



So am I right?

Returns a resource at an asset path (Editor Only).

This function always return null in the standalone player or web player. This is useful for quickly accessing an asset for use in the editor only.

You can only use this in the editor, as it loads from the assets folder, which neither builds have, web player or standalone. Sorry, you will need to make it a prefab and instantiate it instead.

Hope this helps.