Build is different from Editor Preview

I have an Object that can move in 2D horizontal and jumps. When I run it in Unity editor (Game Screen) it’s works normally as I want to. But in Maximize On Play mode my Object’s Speed is increased only in horizontal without any changes on components or scripts. Plus, when I build it and then Run it, my Objects speed is decreased only in horizontal. What is that mean?

(point-to-point arrival times of the object in different ways): (It’s all same resulation)

In unity editor (without maximize) = 3.51 seconds,

In unity editor (with maximize on play) = 1.13 seconds,

In Build (also in same resulation) = 12,32 seconds.

You mention “speed” a lot, so I’m assuming you’re using a Rigidbody (and, by extension, its velocity).

The resulting speed varies based on resolution/fullscreen settings, which means it probably varies with framerate.

It sounds like a higher framerate means a lower speed, so you’re probably multiplying velocity (units-per-second) by Time.deltaTime (resulting in units-per-second2).

But, that’s just speculation because you provided basically no information. I’m just guessing that this is the same type of question that comes up practically every day.

velocity *= Time.deltaTime;