Build menu missing Visual Studio 2013

Screenshot by Lightshot - screenshot

When I create empty C# console appliction the Build menu is there but when I double click on a script from unity to open it with VS it’s missing. Any suggestions why does this happen and how can I fix it ? It doesn’t even find MonoBehaviour

my comment was based on “When I create empty C# console appliction” (sic) - the implication is that you’re creating the new c# file within visual studio and not unity - unity doesn’t have ‘console applications’.

what makes you think that it might have something to do with that error? do you have evidence to substantiate your assertion or is it a wild guess?

have you installed unity vs? if not, you really should if you’re using visual studio. if you have, then perhaps try regenerating the project files to see if that results in different behavior.

if that doesn’t yield results, try disabling any real-time antivirus scanner - some don’t play so nice with unity…