Build options with only resolution

Where can you find the settings for the build (Fastest, Fast, etc.)? And is there a way to only show the resolution settings and Windowed Mode?

I just finished my first game with Unity (Lerpz tutorial), and I would love to get any answers, and want to send it to some friends. Thanks.

You can't really remove the resolution from the standalone player's opening dialog box, but you can disable it using the Player Settings and offer your own in-game GUI for changing those settings using QualitySettings (either using IncreaseLevel/DecreaseLevel or explicitly setting currentLevel) for the quality settings and Screen.fullScreen. The default quality settings are set in the Quality Settings menu (where you can also fine-tune what each quality setting means).

It's quite simple to customize the standard dialog on OS X using Interface Builder. There doesn't seem to be any easy way to do that for the Windows version though.