Build process stuck at building scene 0

The last log I see in the editor.log is:

Launching external process: /Applications/Unity/
Launched and connected shader compiler UnityShaderCompiler after 0.06 seconds
Launching external process: /Applications/Unity/

and after that the build process is stuck. I try different scenes, deleting the Temp and Library folders, unchecking the Auto-Generate lighting as was suggested on some posts but nothing helps.
I’m using a Mac. Unity version 5.6.0f3 (I tried 5.6.1f3 as well with no luck and came back to 5.6.0f3)
Please let me know if there are any trouble shooting steps I could take to figure this out, thanks.

By the way i’m using Unity 2018.3.2f1 and stuck in same issue.I got my problem solved by just restarting Unity Editor.

Thanks, I did check for that and i can see several shader compiler processes… However Im pretty sure it is stuck - I tried waiting as well. Also - it is wierd because I didnt add new materials before this issue popped up.