Build size and sharedassets0.assets question.

Hit there,

Our company has a project for a standalone PC and Mac Client, we have been working on it for a while and the build is growing on a regular basis. But something happened and our build whent from 360MB to 660MB, and we dont know where that came from.

Ive been investigating the Build Folder and i found that the file that got all the difrence from one earlier build to this one is the “sharedassets0.assets”.
Ok, so i go looking for what that file is and, correct me if im wrong, i read somewhere that this file compiles all the items in the Resources folders from the project. So i start looking for those folders and find no diference from one an the other, so im out of leads.

Finally the questions are:

What does the “sharedassests0.assets” acctualy has?


Is there a what to see inside them, or what is being compiled in them?

I’m running into a similar issue, my game files are only a couple of MB in size, but the standalone version explodes to around 240 MB. Very confusing, why this happens and how to manage the bloat.

10 Years has passed since this post, i tried to google to find similar issue but haven’t come accross any

Did any could figure out an answer about this ? as i’m facing the same issue (mostly for an unknow reason it went the others way for me, so a shareasset file that used to be 500-700mb and i though it was normal as my game got a LOT of art and animation, suddenly went down to 28mb and absolutely nothing is missing and the quality of the game is exactly the same)

The issue i have is that for me that has suddenly disappeared BUT my coworker that take my push via plastic SCM, when he build he still has this shareassets with 700mb+