Build to Android with a Wireless connection?

I am attempting to build a Unity 2D scene to my android phone.
My pc can only connect to my Android phone in a slow-charging mode (due to wear and tear) and is unable to connect straight to Unity during the build process.

I have found alternative methods to transfer files from my PC to my phone.
Is there a way I can export an android build from Unity, transfer the files to my phone, and access them that way?

I had the same problem with my old s7. xxmariofer is right. The most reliable method I used was to perform a build of the game, which opens the directory it compiles to upon completion. Right click the .apk file and select Send To > Bluetooth. Depending on the complexity of the game, it can be slow. It’s ok for initial testing but can be frustrating as you need to more frequently build and test. I got fed up and bought a used s9 and decent cable. Then I used the Unity Remote app for testing and transfers of .apk files are very quick.