Build WebGL for ChromeBook

Hello there.

i´m Vinicius.
i´ve downloaded Unity 5.0 and tryed to build for WebGL but i couldnt make it work.

What happens is the following.

I tryed to set a small demo project with some simple scripts to test it and see if it works. I even compared the resulting HTMLs and configs from the Unity WebGL Demo but it doesnt seems to work , all i get is a White Screen @ th html page.

Can someone please help me how to configure properly to build for WebGL , i might be missing something.


Game Designer @ Evobooks

Hello Vinicius,

First check your browser network logs. It might be that the client is unable to download the javascript (and other files) required to run the game. On my hosting, because of a current (and reported) issue with permissions on the Compressed folder, the client is unable to download the files. Changing the permissions fixes it (chmod o+x Compressed)