Build windows with stereoscopic camera

Hi guys
It’s a possibile build for windows a simple camera but with stereoscopic for virtual reality.

I’ve check virtual reality supported on player setting, but when open the build I’ve a classic screen without two eyes.
I’ve use Hdrp as workflow.

Thank you

Stereoscopic view will only be shown in the VR-headset, not in the PC mirror window. Do you have a headset when running?

Are you trying to get stereo view on a monitor or a headset?

What headset are you using?

Do you use SteamVR?
The player prefab will set up the camera you need.
If So you can turn on mirroring and set it to left or right eye or , i think, stereoscopic view. This will just show the left and right eye side by side on the screen. The only way to see it in “3D” is through the headset.

Do you use Oculas?
The Unity package for development includes a camera prefab that will make a stereo set up but this is just for use in the headset.

Also try holding shift when opening the app/game to bring up the resolution dialog.
and check of the following links if none of my other thoughts where of use to you.