BuildAssetBundles signature has changed. error

I am using 5.4 b11 and getting this error after following the documentation to create an asset bundle.

Assets/Editor/CreateAssetBundles.cs(8,31): error CS0619: UnityEditor.BuildPipeline.BuildAssetBundles(string)' is obsolete:BuildAssetBundles signature has changed. Please specify the targetPlatform parameter'

It works fine in 5.3! What do I have to do to update this script so it will work in WebGL target?

Still works great in latest release of 5.3, and I got it loading asset bundles in WebGL by turning off engine code stripping. No idea how to alter the snippet outlined in the official documentation to make it work in 5.4, has anyone run into this yet?

Indeed, we need to get our scripting reference updated.
It's BuildAssetBundles(string outputPath, AssetBundleBuild[ ] builds, BuildAssetBundlesOptions assetBundleOptions, BuildTarget targetPlatform)

Thank you so much!