BuildFailedException: Incremental Player build failed!


I used to build in android in ue4 but never had this problems with it the only thing the size was becoming bigger with ue4 so I installed unity but it is having some problems during building.

Please help!

You need to check your Post Processing.

So was just having the same issue and wanted to share my solution.

I am using URP and I build the application for both WebGL and Oculus Quest together with a lot of post processing effects.

As the Game should not go too hard on the Quest I decided to add a second UniversalRenderPipelineAsset_Renderer with hardware friendly settings to the UniversalRenderPipelineAsset:

Here I simply disable Post Processing entirely:

and now it works.


This error is not about render/graphical post-processing, it’s about build post-process. Two different things.

I have that same problem

Guys I am having the same problem, but I am not using any render pipeline

@rajachakraborty2007 The problem was solved when I changed the installation folder to local disk C/Your Folder/