Building a new PC and wondering what my options are for backing up all my Unity / Visual Studio settings / preferences etc

Sorry about the loaded title… But pretty much that’s my question. I am about to upgrade my PC and due to the nature of the upgrade (practically a new build) I’ll need to reinstall Windows and several other things on an SSD.

I plan on wiping / using my current drive in the new build so obviously I’ll need to reinstall everything once the PC is all put together.

Aside from a brute force method of going and looking at every setting for every possible window in Unity / VS, what is a good way to back up my settings? The only thing I really know that I can backup is the script templates and any downloaded assets from Appdata.
What about like “number of spaces in a tab” and indentation settings and the like?

Any ideas?

In Visual Studio, go to the menu bar item Tools and select Import and Export Settings, then follow the wizard to export your settings. You can import these settings through the same menu later on in a different computer.

For Unity preferences on windows you could save data from the registry in some .reg file and then you colud load .reg file in new PC registry.

  1. run regedit.exe (press winkey + D to show run prompt)
  2. go to HKEY_CURRENT_USER\SOFTWARE\Unity Technologies\Unity Editor 5.x
  3. right click key and select ‘Export’
  4. save file to some exernal drive
  5. run regedit on the PC
  6. select File > Import, choosing your .reg file
  7. Done!