Building a terrain

Hi. I know how to create some terrain with a trees and some mountains, but I dont know how to make it looks real… I mean, if I want some sharp rock, reef… If is there any tutorial how to make profesional terrain with modeling and texturing mountains etc. can you help me please? I thing, reef or sharp rock can I create using 3D models, but I dont have any experiences with it… So if anyone have, write please :slight_smile:
Hi Marshall

Well, there are lots of tutorials on the web, to make realistic looking terrains there are some tips that you can use(I’m not a good “terrain maker” myself), for specific form objects you will need a 3D modelling program like 3DS Max or Maya, have a look here: 3D Buzz - Platform Game Tutorial

3D Buzz is a great site with lots of video tutorials on modelling, animating, programming. Check the Artistic Design section of this link, this can have you some ideas on how to build a simple scenario.

Im using 3Ds max for some years, so I dont need modeling tutorials… I need tutorial, even write tutorial on terrain, some tips… I will check this site, thanks.