Building an iphone game from a project made on windows? Xcode?

First off, I’m not going to try and build an iPhone app from a windows because I know that’s impossible (really stupid too). I am just curious about Xcode and if that is something like the Android SDK that you need to build an APK for Android? I have a game I want to export for android and apple as well but I built my app on a windows computer. Am I able to put the unity project onto an apple computer that has Unity installed and be able to export it through Xcode? Or do I have to make a pack with all my scripts and levels and import them into a new project on the apple’s Unity and rebuild the game with my already made scripts? Do I need a pack installed on the apple computer like you do with Android SDK? I’m just very confused about Xcode and if it is like a developer kit for apple apps, or something completely different. BTW I’m using Javascript for my game which is what android uses and I assume apple would use, so I hope that isn’t a problem.

You can make your app on a windows machine and just copy the files over to a mac once you’ll build it for iOS. Xcode is apple’s developer toolkit. You can build OS X and iOS applications from scratch in there. Unity will build the project into a folder with a file that opens in Xcode, and Xcode will make the iOS app.

When you say javascript, do you mean from within Unity? If so, they it won’t be an issue because unity is compiling it into something else. It’s not really pure javascript, it’s a version of it sometimes referred as unity script. If you’d be making something for iOS from Xcode alone you’d be using ObjectiveC i think.

XCode is an IDE - an environment in which you can create and manage software projects, write, test, and compile code - roughly equivalent to Visual Studio or Eclipse on a PC.

As for using xCode to compile a Unity project, there’s instructions at Unity - Manual: Getting started with iOS

Javascript shuold not be a problem so long as you have #pragma strict - you might encounter some other issues that differ on iOS from other target platforms though (supported audio/texture formats etc.)