Building an online merchant system

Hi guys.
Ive started my base defense game project.
One of main system I would like to build in this game is the online user to user market system, Yes like in wow or many other MMO style games.

My question sould sound really stupid but I have done many serches on google but didn’t find anything and I don’t even know where to start to make it possible.

I really would like to know, where to start, using photon ? or Unet ?
Every documentation and tutorials focus on real-time action games, ive found nothing that can help me.

I am willing to learn, spend as much time as possible, even if it gets me to learn the most basics of networking. I just would like where to begin.
I’d also like book or tutorial recommandations to learn about network programming, if you have one.

Please help me !
Thank you !

i would recommend starting by setting up your router and your computer on a static ip address and forward a port so it can work as a server. it works with about any basic router. You can always rent server space later if you wish. But Its more simple than you think to get your computer at home acting like a server to start with. If you dont allready know how, its a good first lesson in networking and you can pry find a google walkthrough and figure it out in a couple hours.

After that, To begin creating a server I recommend using node js. it works with basic javascript and it give you all the basic commands for server stuff and they make it simple as possible for you. It’s also become very popular so you can get help/answers for node very quickly from google.

I use node for my last Unity game i finished. it logs how often/long users are playing it sends level info to unity games and lets them know if I have game updates and of course sends the data for the updates to my unity users. it also displays my website page for webbrowsers so people can see there high scores online. Its good to learn because in the long run i dont see anything it cant do. but it is very simple to learn for a beginner and you can get a server listening with a surprisingly small amout of code.

and the best part…Node is free!!! horray

Hi toddisarockstar

Thank you so much for your answer.
Now I know where to begin ^^

By the way, I presume It does but does it apply also for games developed for Android ?