Building APK is taking an absurdly long amount of time

I’ve been building my project for more than 24 hours and it’s still not even close to being done. It’s only finished building one scene (which was a menu) and has spent most of this time working on my first actual level. I don’t think the scene has too much stuff in it, what other things could be causing this problem?

When the project is being built, it bakes lightmaps and global illumination. This takes a lot of time, if it is not a final product, disable precomputed dynamic GI and other GI options inside window/lighting. Also, uncheck auto option in that window, ambient lighting is completely enough for testing unless your game focusses on lighting.

Another option would be selecting all static objects and uncheck lightmap static in a drop down near the static check box.

Thanks, I turned off Baked GI, and it started building quicker. The best part is, nothing happened to my scene, so there is no price to pay. Cool!

For me I saw that while building after half an hour or so it was stuck in some library/bee/… folder.

So I closed the project, deleted the library folder and restarted Unity. The error went away.

Hope this helps someone