Building Asset Bundles requires Unity Advanced for AndroidPlayer

Couple of months back, i’ve used below code for create Assetbundle but it was working. But when i try to create AssetBundle now, i’m getting below error

Building Asset Bundles requires Unity Advanced for AndroidPlayer
UnityEditor.BuildPipeline:BuildAssetBundle(Object, Object[], String, BuildAssetBundleOptions, BuildTarget)
ExportAssetBundles:ExportResurce() (at Assets/Editor/ExportAssetBundles.cs:21)

sing UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;

public class ExportAssetBundles {
	[MenuItem("Assets/Build AssetBundle From Selection - Track dependencies")]
	static void ExportResurce() {
		// Bring up save panel
		string basename = Selection.activeObject ? : "New Resource";
		string path = EditorUtility.SaveFilePanel("Save Resources", "", basename, "");
		if (path.Length != 0) {
			// Build the resource file from the active selection.
			Object[] selection = Selection.GetFiltered(typeof(Object), SelectionMode.DeepAssets);

			// for Android
			                               selection, path + ".android.unity3d",
			                               BuildAssetBundleOptions.CollectDependencies |
			Selection.objects = selection;


update your unity4.x to unity5.x,
Asset Bundle will not work on Unity4.x.
and correct the import statements sing UnityEngine; to using UnityEngine;