Building for Android removes jar files for certain


When building an app for Google Play, if either encryption or compression is performed, the asset jar will be deleted and the build will be executed. As a result, the texture of the object after build will be blank.

The asset from which the jar is deleted
3D Webview and AVProVIDEO.

■What these two assets have in common
I am purchasing a seat with a limited license
AVProVideo→iOS and Android
Neither has purchased a PC license.

■"jar" ​​that gets deleted
The logs also contain the following exception, which confirm that the VuplexWebViewAndroid.jar library is missing:

E/Unity: AndroidJavaException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.vuplex.webview.WebView3D

The following shows that the avpro related’jar’has been removed.

E/Unity: AndroidJavaException: java.lang.ClassNotFoundException: com.renderheads.AVPro.Video.Manager

■App screen as a result of the above jar being deleted

App when a bug occurs (lower right window is pure white)

With apk build, I was able to build successfully

“.jar” are destroyed during build
Keystore settings only
R8 settings only
Release settings only
Even if all of these are turned on, a bug will occur. Even if you change the combination, a bug will occur if any one is on.

I tried the build on both.

I will send both apks later.


sorry apk can not be published because it can not be encrypted