Building Main Menu Floating UI

Hello Everyone,

has anyone a clue how to build a UI like it is in the Hololens Main Menu? Floating with View but still accessable?

I guess its somethink like pivot moves UI when its on the Border of Camera Screen?

Thank you for your hints!

Just use the SphereBasedTagalong.cs and the Billboard.cs scripts from the HoloToolkit. The MainMenu.prefab in "HoloToolkit-Examples/Prototyping/Prefabs" is a perfect example.



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Great, thank you! I wasted so many days... and the solution is so easy :smile:

I can't find this example in the latest version of mrtk. Can u help me please ?
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I haven't worked with the HoloLens for more than a year now. So I am not aware of any progress since then.

For what it's worth, you can still find the scripts & prefabs on Github if you checkout an older tag. Here is one example from Nov. 2018: