Building scenes and load time

I am switching scenes in my application using Application.LoadLevel(…) and the effect is instantaneous which is nice. Of course I have added my scenes in the Build Settings. Seems fluid even on a release desktop version.

My question however is how many scenes can you actually build into the application itself? The fact that you can swap scenes so fast is really odd to me. Is this dependent on memory usage? Is it Unity that loads all scenes on startup when having them added to the build settings and can you load scenes dynamically without having them added to the Build settings?

  1. I don’t think that there is a limit on how many scenes that you build.
  2. It depends on the sizes of the gameobjects inside your scene. How many polygons etc. and the usage of loops, static variables, etc.
  3. Not really sure with your question.
  4. If I understand your question, you have to add them to be included to the game.

Hope this helps!