Building system - Build house in-game?

Hello! I’m beginning to write a script to build a house in game, kind-of like The Sims but in a First-Person Perspective.

I would like for the player to be able to move around with the desired object(as shown below)and place it. This I know involves Raycast hits and Mouse Position, but I can only get the desired object to appear upon clicking.

So basically:

  • Select desired object
  • move around with that object
  • place object depending if the terrain is flat enough

If you know of any scripts or tips I could take to write this script, please let me know!

You described exactly what i am looking for if you found scripts from somewhere else please email them to me!

Actually, @ntbsweeps and @Zastion, I have found an asset on the store that might be what you guys are looking for!

and Unity Asset Store - The Best Assets for Game Making
I know it’s paid and that sucks, but at least there’s something :slight_smile:

hey, i’m actually trying to do the same. did you figure it out? Help me please.