Building Terrains (Slope Problems And Such)

Ok! So, I have gotten myself a great concept for a “small” project i’m currently working on. I’ve got the basics of map making and sketched myself one for guideline. And I am wondering… Can you make the specified shapes in this video? “- YouTube” I would want to know if you can make this “kinds of walls” cause slanting or sloping walls are hard to do in the normal un-modded unity 3d.

So basically,
How do you do the walls in the video without the asset “Pro Builder?” Do I require some other programs to use or I can just build it by unity 3d itself? :confused:

You would need to build the model in something like Blender or Sketch Up and import it. Perhaps making it out of the several parts. Other than that you need to use a plugin to Unity if the standard simple objects are not enough.

You can build them in Unity using cubes. You can build them in unity using scripting. And you could also build it in a 3d Program like blender, 3ds max, maya…