Building the Scenes

So I am making a multiplayer fps however the maps won’t load. I can’t seem to be able to build the scenes. When I go to file → build settings I get this

I have watch a few tutorials and I saw that they already have a folder called Scenes/Main Scenes.unity or something. I don’t have that… and second of all I might be doing this wrong but when I press Add Current it adds a .unity file but it does not load my maps.It sends this message:


I have my map but idk what is wrong with it. I tried to drag the .fbx file into the scenes part but nothing happens…
Can someone explain this step by step cause I don’t understand :cry:

Thanks in advance!!!

You see the little button that says “Add Current”?

Press it.

Aint science wonderful?

when I press Add Current it adds a .unity file

That’s normal. Unity’s scene files have a .unity extension. You must add scenes to the build settings, or they will not be part of the build.

Your .fbx file may contain a lot of geometry or other information, but it is not a scene file as understood by Unity.