Building VR experience on IOS; has black squares & cutting edges?

First of all, Hi!

I’ve been building a small couple amout of Unity projects, however with this VR project im stambling into two different problems i suppose.

I tried to Google all this, and reddit - sadly no answers.

Question One:
First i show you what problem one looks like with VR:

I figured out that, these black squares only will be on the Camera, when building into iOS (Or having that as the current “build for” while creating.

As i’m building this game for iOS i need to figure out a way to get those removed - and i tried everything, i believe (Such as disabling entire scenes, scripts etc) … Nothing seems to be working; but once building it for Windows etc. then they AINT there! :confused:

Question Two:

I guess this is FoV Related - i could use some help fix it (Or hints).

At the top of each Stereo monitor, there is like - some kind of a cutting edge. Everytime a model hits the edge, it kinda ‘splits up’ everything in its view - while in it.

Screenshots: &

Some help would be really appreciated, since its a part of some stuff i gotta deliver on Friday(!)
I’ll be in place the entire day, today - so i will be quick to respond if any questions.

Can it be my unity that is bugging? after the recent unity updates.

I honestly have absolutely no clue,.