BuildPath for group 'Default Local Group' is set to the dynamic-lookup version of StreamingAssets, b


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This error appears when I follow this instruction

Again the video and documentation and the Unity Editor for Addressable Configuration do not match!

Two days of our time lost. Please fix these issues ASAP. We count on your professional conduct.

For Android:

LocalBuildPath: Library/com.unity.addressables/aa/Android/Android

This links appears on Inspector for the Addressables Group, but fails to appear on the Group PROFILE!

Again a great source of confusion and apparently many others stuck in this and gave up!

Generally speaking Unity documentations, videos and what is in Unity Editor do not match.

While you tell us this work in progress, realize that we pay salaries and expenses to staff to build games and yet majority of our funds for the first year went into correcting documentation.


Hi darashayda,

Which PlayModeScript are you using there?


USE EXISTING BUILD, as the video recommended.

But got it to work, I posted fresh posts earlier in my day.

I rather you spent the time on conversations about your game and some nuances I need to discuss with you.

Great work, your game helped a lot, video is good minus some minor corrections it needs.

Arturo one thing you could help me with, from your code

Addressables.LoadSceneAsync("Assets/FantasyEnvironments/Environments/Scenes/DemoScene.unity", UnityEngine.SceneManagement.LoadSceneMode.Single, true);

I had made that entire scene Addressable.

From the loading scene I call this function like you did in yours and while it works, it falls into an infite loop of loading the scene and destroying then loading and destroying ...

Not sure why.


By accident I have copied the scene twice into the bucket, could that have caused the problem?

I removed the additional copies and that was not the problem.

I keep seen the demoscene appear in the Hierarchy



I assume I setup some configuration wrong

Glad to hear that.

As for your call to LoadSceneAsync, are you calling that from the update method or maybe any method that gets executed repeatedly?

[Hello Arturo

Yes I was calling it from some method that was getting called non-stop.

I corrected the problem already.

In your UI you use a button for calling the senes which I decided to go along with that as well.

In my scheme there some sort of polling that looked for scenes to load.

I need to learn how to write a Poll function properly, but that is a future task.

You code is concise and well done and got me going fast, thank you.