BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer Question

Build streamed scene file into a seperate unity3d file,All script is missing,How to solve?I'm thinking that Unity is not building my scripts?

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEditor;
using System.Collections;

public class SimpleBuilder : EditorWindow {

    private static void OpenBuilder() {
        new SimpleBuilder().Show();

    void OnGUI() {
        if (GUILayout.Button("Build")) {
            string[] scenes = new string[] {"Assets/Islands.unity"};
            string filename = EditorUtility.SaveFilePanel("Save Player", "", "Unity Player (SimpleBuilder)", "app");
            BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(scenes, filename, BuildTarget.WebPlayer, BuildOptions.BuildAdditionalStreamedScenes);


One thing I see is that you're passing in null to your BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer's first parameter. That should be an array of strings which are the asset paths to your scenes you want bundled. The second parameter is the full string path of the file you want to create. We make a separate folder called "Build" outside of our project's Assets folder and set it up that way but you can do whatever works for you.

To do one scene per bundle: (C#)

string[] _levels = new string[1];
_levels[0] = AssetDatabase.GetAssetPath("MySceneNameHere");

BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer(_levels, path + "MySceneNameHere" + ".unity3d", BuildTarget.WebPlayer, BuildOptions.BuildAdditionalStreamedScenes);

This is some slightly modified code from a tool I built to automate this sort of thing for my company's web games.I might have messed something up but if I didn't it should work.