BuildPlayer and Plugins on Ios


I’m trying to build my Unity project for Ios using the BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer function.
It works fine with all my projects except when the project got some additional plugins.

These plugins are added to the XCode project with the PostprocessBuildPlayer script but seems not working with the BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer function.
When I’m building the project with the normal build and run, the XCode project was open and all plugins added to it. With the BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer function, XCode is open but no project is loaded and the script will wait till I open the project manually.

Did I forgot an option or something else to give to the BuildPlayer ?



I finally found a solution to that problem,

To add plugins with the postprocessbuildplayer, the path give to BuildPipeline.BuildPlayer for the XCode project should be an absolute path and not a relative path to the Unity project.