Builds fine for standalone, errors for WP8

I have a simple multiplayer game that I’ve been working on for standalone, but I wanted to try to get it to run on mobile. When I tried to build for Windows phone 8, it gives me this error for every RPC call that I have.

No attribute with the name 'RPC' or 'RPCAttribute' was found (attribute names are case insensitive). Did you mean 'System.Security.Cryptography.Rfc2898DeriveBytes'?

Can you not use RPCs on mobile devices?

Looks like bad news, I’m afraid.

Quoting from the Unity manual - Windows Store: Getting Started:

Things that are not yet supported:

  • Network classes, WWW is supported though
  • Animation on script variables
  • AnimationEvent callback functions with arguments (you have to provide a function with no arguments or with AnimationEvent argument)
  • GameObject.SendMessage (partially works, but function which accepts the message must match the message sent, because the argument conversion doesn’t work)
  • Fog doesn’t work on devices with feature level < 9.3, you need to implement it manually, see

(Italics for emphasis.)

(edit: Yeesh, blockquote produces different results between preview and final renders.)