Builds hang on Unity Splash Screen

I am using Xcode 3.25 and Unity 3.3. I have a recurring problem - my builds hang on the ‘powered by unity’ splash screen when run on my iPhone4 (OS 4.32). The same builds run fine on my iPhone 3G. Any ideas?

The output in the gdb console in Xcode may give you an idea of what happened.

In case you can’t find the Xcode console, the following page explains how to make it visible (for Xcode 4):

Thanks, I may try that. But I have a feeling this problem is not related to anything in my scripts. Sometimes the build runs and sometimes it just hangs on the Splash screen and never gets to the first scene. It happens in various different projects where the only scripts running would be a first scene with simple menu options… Again, it never happens on my iPhone 3G, so I am thinking this is an OS issue…

Thanks for the helpful link.

I don’t remember exactly when this stopped being a problem, but it did.

I’m now running Xcode 4.2 and iOS 5.0 and everything works fine. I guess always using the latest iOS and SDK is good advice.