Built Android game for iOS, it overwrote my assets folder

I had my game completed for android. I switched platforms to iOS and was doing the initial build for iOS. It brought up a “Select Folder” window. I chose my Assets folder thinking it would create an apk file like android does. After the build was completed my assets folder is now full of some other files related to the iOS build and all my assets are gone. Is there any way to recover the asset files that were overwritten?

I really hope there is something that can be done.

This is not really a Unity question…
But there are several different file recovery tools for mac OS. If you have any, or can find such a program, use it as soon as possible, and you may be able to get some or most of your assets back. If the file recovery software can’t find it, it’s Gone.

What you can do in the future, now that you’ve learned the hard way, is make a back up every day so when something like this happens (and it inevitably will, sooner or later) you are only set back at most 24 hours.