Built apk with minimum size.

Hello friends,
I am trying to build a simple apk but unity building it in 6MB size. Actually for trial purpose I have added just one plane, camera and a light source and made a built but for such small things unity giving me out put of 6.26MBz apk. So how I achieve a simple built of minimum size is there any special setting??
I tried all the settings but not working please help…

In my tests, the minimum size of a Unity-based APK project is 6 MB and change. I assume the 6 MB is for the Mono Runtime and other fundamental components of Unity. As you start adding assets to your project, your build size will increase. Note that Unity has several built-in compression options for textures.

There is a setting Edit->Project Settings->Player Settings->Stripping Level. I understand it can reduce the size of your project by a couple of MB, depending on the amount of C# code you have.

But yeah, in Unity 4.0, in my tests, the minimize size of a APK build is 6 to 7 MB.

That’s expected. Unity has to include a bundle of its own frameworks on an application. You can have an empty game and it’ll always take a minimum size of around 4mb from what I understand. The same is true of all cross-platform development frameworks. I believe Unity has some built-in, pro-only feature stripping features to make the size smaller, but it seems to be for iPhone games only.

You can test what’s taking that much space in your project, however. Here’s a question that should help you determine what’s taking space (check the accepted answer):

Overall, though, the big minimal size should be expected. You’ll never get a minimal super-simple game that is, say, 200kb in size unless you go native.