Built .exe doesn't work on other machines!

I searched on the net for an answer but i could’t find any proper thing.

I built on win8 os and my app works well on my own pc but i sent it as .rar file (with app_Data folder) to some friends, they say they got an error like “this application can’t run on this machine”

I checked the Data folder which i sent and everything on its place, no missing files. I read the output log on my machine and saw no error.

Build settings are; Windows, x86_64

If you want to check the app itself, here is the link to download

Well, you build a 64 bit binary, are you sure the other people have a 64 bit hardware? For example i still have a 32 bit system and obviously can’t run your game.

Are you building a dev build or a normal build (in the build settings)? I think the dev build may not be guarunteed to work on other machines without unity installed. If you want to make sure it’ll run on any machine, make sure you aren’t doing a dev build.

you should probably change the build settings to x86 Even i had the same problem