built game freezing

hi, when i play the game in unity to test it, it works fine… but when i build it as an application it will freeze in the middle of the game. i’m not sure why but i think it’s happening when two of the same type turrets shoot the same enemy at the same time, they send the nearest object of the tag ‘Zombie’ every couple of seconds or fraction of a second depending on the turret… is they’re a problem with the same message being sent to a script twice in the same frame? or does anyone know of other reasons of freezing in the built game?

the game is a fairly simple 3d turret defence and doesn’t lag… it will just stop!

thanks for your time

Well, sending a message two or more times in the same frame shouldn’t cause any problems. We can’t say much without any code since it’s probably a code issue. If the relevant parts are too big to post it here, try to place Debug.Logs at spots where you think that it might cause the crash. Use distictive log-messages. Build your game and run it. When it “crashed”, just open the output_log.txt in the data folder of your build. To see what was the last thing it does.