Built game has huge colliders i can't reproduce in unity.

Hello, i’m currently working on a little project, and i tried to build it for the first time now, as the character controls are done for now. When i play the game in unity, it works just “fine”, but when i build it and test the built version. My players have gotten huge hitboxes. (In unity they can touch their capes, in the built version it’s room for maybe 2-3 characters in between when the 2 players collide)

In the output_log i get this message;

(Filename: Line: 117)

Sprite outline generation failed - could not read texture pixel data. Did you forget to make the texture readable?

Line 117 is line 13 here.

Thanks if anyone has a solution / knows why this happens. I’ve tried googling, but i couldn’t find anything.

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