Built game won't respond?

My game I made was going well. In Unity it runs no problem. was having fun creating. Decided to test it. I built it, no issue. Scenes are there and all. Clicked on the .exe file and it pulled up on the screen. Blank blue screen then a message box pops up says my game is not responding. Is there a corrupted file? Am I missing something? I have windows 8 and am using Unity 5.1. Any help at all will be appreciated. I have no idea what the issue is. I don’t want to lose my work.

My problem never got fixed. the game was still not responding. but what I did that worked was make a new project with unity. then I went to the old project’s folder (The one that wouldn’t respond) and moved everything in the ‘Assets’ folder into the new project. Once all the assets were in the new project, I built it and it ran no problem. Hope this is a solution to people who had my problem in the future!