Built project, now scripts are missing.

Hi, I recently finished an incredibly early version of a game I’ve been working on, so that I had a demo to submit. The demo works fine, unfortunately when I opened up Unity to edit it, there was 10 errors (before there was 0) . Turns out a few of my scripts had been deleted, and I have no clue why or how. Is there any way to recover these files, or even revert to a previous save? If it helps I was writing in C# and there is at least 1 error in all of my 4 scenes.

Any answers are appreciated, thank you.

Scripts in your project are just files on your filesystem, so you restore them the same way you would any other document - by looking in the Recycle Bin on Windows, for example. If they’re not there, you restore them from a backup or version control system.

Yes, you can try ApowerRecover. It can bring back many types of lost files. Good luck.