Built with beta version of Unity. Will only work on your computer!

This message appears when running a .html web player version of my game. I am using unity 4.6. So this means the webplayer version will not work on anyone else’s computer???

Correct, in order for people to play it on your site, they would need 4.6.xrx version of unity. That means unity would be distributing beta versions to users that are not developers.

This also conveys that they are supporting the beta version of the player, they aren’t, they are testing it with developers input. This makes sense since in any beta/alpha/release! there will be a number of bugs.

For company this could be horrible to support, particularly release 18 that included a note that it wasn’t tested well internally.

You also wouldn’t want the beta to misrepresent your game right?

Unity 4.6 beta 17 has been pushed out to the webplayer. This works on all computers with the web player installed. In can confirm I have had players access the game on computers without the beta installed. If you need webplayer support then use this version. I believe the message is still present in this version, but you can ignore it.

Unity 4.6 beta 18 has not been pushed to the webplayer. Don’t use this version unless you are willing to wait for the webplayer support.