Bullet Damage on different Limbs

Hello, i’m currently working on a bullet damage system, where I want to have different areas on the body that have different damage modifiers, the head, the body, and the limbs, where the head has a 2.5x damage modifier, the body has a 1x modifier, and the limbs a 0.5x modifier. My problem is how do I detect which part of the body has been hit.

Currently I just have a gameobject of the target i’m using, with a script attached to it that handles the health of the target

In that gameobject, I created 3 empty gameobjects, and put box colliders on each one, and gave them separate tags depending on what they were. I set the colliders to Trigger on these so that the bullet could pass through them and hit the target

So, my bullet is a physical sphere, which has a script that detects collisions, and applies bullet holes at the contact point. I’m wondering when the bullet hits the target, how would I detect which part of the body was hit / which box collider did the bullet pass through. Since my bullet isn’t a trigger, i’ve noticed that the bullet passes through the box colliders without any collisions (when using ontriggerenter). Does anyone have any ideas how I can achieve this system?

Just create script for each of your box collider (Or body part) and assign different damage value to them when the Game Object (Bullet) enter trigger.

It’s like create Gameobject public variable and drag the object (Bullet) into that and assign that script into all of box colliders . Now check if triggered object tag was something and assign damage that way .