Bullet Intersect Script Problem

How to make intersect script work
Long story short, I have a bullet prefab which instantiates on purpose inside the body of my player and enemies. The problem is they detect this as an impact and lose health every time they fire a bullet. I was advised to add an intersect script which would mitigate this issue by only activating the damage only after a quarter of a second. But I can’t get this script to work:

 using UnityEngine;
 using System.Collections;
 public class BulletIntersect : MonoBehaviour {
     // Use this for initialization
     void Start () {
         Bullet = this.gameObject;
     // Update is called once per frame
     void Update () {
         time_bullet = Time.deltaTime;
         //get array with all enemies
         GameObject[] enemies = GameObject.FindGameObjectsWithTag("Enemies");
         bool intersects_bool = false;
         foreach(GameObject Enemy in enemies){
                 intersects_bool = true;
         if(time_bullet<Time.deltaTime+0.25f && intersects_bool==true)

I am getting the following errors: Unexpected symbol `}’ for line 27 and Parsing Error for line 30. Please help me out with this? How do I make it work?

You need a bracket in line 25 and a third bracket in the end.