Bullet Moves To Fast To Detect?

Hey everyone! I’m here with another problem to solve! Right, well. All plainly, my bullet moves “too fast” so it doesn’t get detected, but I need it to be that fast other wise it might not hit the target because the target is also moving. I’m using transform.Translate(Vector3.forward * 6f) that’s almost the speed I want it at. But it like jumps the square so… How can I make it go that fast without making it miss any squares? Thanks all of you for your answers!

You shouldn’t use transform.Translate if you want to detect collisions.

Better options are using rigidbody.MovePosition or rigidbody.velocity (Rigidbodys are recommended to use for collision detection of moving objects).

For objects so fast you can’t even see them properly you should use Raycasts to detect if it will hit the target.